I ran out of a product. How can I purchase it?

Please purchase  all products you need online.  


** If you don’t see a product online let us know. We will confirm if we have it in stock and make it available to you online.

I need to color my hair, but am not ready to go to the spa yet. Can I color my own hair?

If you can wait to see us, please do. If you can’t and you are going to take matters into your own hands… In that case the answer is yes. 

Temporary Solutions:

We recommend you try one of these. You will find instructions and tips for use under the products description. 

L'Oréal Touch Up- https://nmspa.com/products/ols/categories/loreal 

Color Wow Root Cover Up- https://nmspa.com/products/ols/categories/color-wow-hair

Temporary is not working I want a more Permanent Solution:

We may be able to put together a custom color kit  for you. Please follow the link below to what this kit entails. If you are interested, let us know below. Once we confirm that we have your color we will contact you.

Custom Color Root Touch-Up Kit- https://nmspa.com/products/ols/products/ccrtuk 

*** No matter how bad your roots/grays get, box color is never a recommendation. 

Will appointments that were previously made for the rest of the year be honored?

Per MA-guidelines we will be reopening in Phases. All appointments previously scheduled will  be honored as long as Nicholas Michaels Spa is opened and the services scheduled for that appointment are allowed to be perform during that particular Phase opening period.

Example: Only Hair services are allowed to be performed during  Phase 1. Therefore, if you have a hair appointment  when we are open during Phase 1, your appointment will be honored. Keep in mind that when we call to confirm we may ask you to either come in a bit earlier or later to avoid  any congestion during arrival/departure times at NMSPA. All non-hair services previous scheduled  the fall on a Phase 1 date will automatically be cancelled.

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